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Towny Hollow turns 1!

maggie ‏ aOWNER posted May 11, 17

About a week ago (May 3), Towny Hollow celebrated its 1 year anniversary. I just want to throw out a quick (and a little late) thank you  to all of our players for making this server a success. Without our players and your continued support there would be no server, and I would not have met some of the amazing friends I have now. I had no idea Towny Hollow would last a few months, let alone a whole year; but I couldn't be more happy! Thank you all again for your support and patience throughout all of the changes and growth the server has experienced; it's been an amazing year!

-Your friend, Maggie 

Reset complete!

maggie ‏ aOWNER posted Mar 28, 17

Hey friends!

I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that the server is now up and running again. So far, all of the changes have gone smoothly and we have run into very few snags.

Here are some extra changes you should know of:

  • We are not updating to 1.11 at this time, due to unstableness and bugs. However, you can still connect to the server with a 1.11 client.
  • The virtual market no longer has a 24 hour time limit; items stay up until they are bought.
  • The market is using a new plugin called AreaShop. Type '/as help' for more info, or visit '/warp markethelp'.

That's about it! Thank you so much again for your patience. As always, just shoot me a message if you have any questions. Hope to see you online soon!

- Maggie 

Server Wide Updates

maggie ‏ aOWNER posted Mar 21, 17

Hello players! We have a lot of updates for you all.

The first order of business that I need to announce is that we will be having a map reset. I know a lot of players oppose this, but we have come to an agreement that this will be the best way to boost the server's activity again. Everything is resetting except for ranks and playtime. Donors will be able to reclaim their donor items. We will be converting the current map into the creative world map in order to preserve the amazing builds players have created. While all donor ranks have the ability to build in this world, non-donors still can walk around and spectate the map. Make sure to save the coordinates of your builds so you can find them again in the creative world! Set homes will not carry over. 

The server will go down Friday 24 March at 13:00 UTC. We anticipate it will take up to two days to implement changes. I promise the wait will be worth it!

We will also be making some other small changes. The server will be updating to 1.11.2 to allow everyone access to the most current game content. We are also interested in making towns more of an investment rather than every player having their own town. The price of towns will raise to $50k each, and nations will cost $125k each. These prices may be subject to change if we determine they are too high or low. It is also likely we will be choosing new staff members soon.

Finally, stay tuned for updates to the website. We will be adding a top voter widget with potential rewards, as well as a $100 donor rank (contents still to be decided!). Some other minor cosmetic changes will be made.

TL:DR --

  • Everything about the current map is resetting (except ranks/playtime); donors can reclaim their donor rewards.
  • Server will go down 24 March at 13:00 UTC. Estimated down time is two days.
  • The current map will become the creative world. Make sure to save build coodinates!
  • Server is updating to 1.11.2.
  • Towns will cost $50k each; nations will cost $125k each.
  • Top voter rewards 
  • $100 donor rank will be available soon.

Sorry that this post is a bit long, I just want to make sure you're all updated. Thank you all for continuing to support the server. Hopefully, these changes will promote a boost in both player base and activity. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment or contact me/any staff member. See you online!

-Maggie and the Staff Team

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Team members wanted!

maggie ‏ aOWNER posted Jan 22, 17

Things have a bit behind lately, and the current staff of Towny Hollow are looking for new team members to join our ranks. Please consider submitting a staff application if you are interested in helping out the community.

Anyone is welcome to submit an application (even if you have before!) but please read the guidelines carefully before applying. You must be at least 14 years old, willing/able to join voice calls, and have no previous bans.

To apply, click here or navigate to the page via the forums. Hope to see your application soon!

-Maggie and the staff team

boo609 boo609 or riot
Parzival3 i gotchu

Server up!

maggie ‏ aOWNER posted Nov 18, 16

We are pleased to let you all know that the server can now be accessed using the IP townyhollow.mymc.io.

Unfortunately, SlimeFun has reset. As I warned everyone this might happen, we will not be replacing items lost in backpacks. However, we will replace backpacks themselves and players' machines. Contact a staff member to have your items replaced.

Thank you all again so much for your patience. See you online!


FrostTwenty8 Hey Maggie, I'm trying to log on with the new IP and it keeps saying that it cannot resolve the hostname.
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